The Beginning of FUERZA

The Cause for Fuerza Puerto Rico to he born was to create a streamlined process to make it easier for those outside of Puerto Rico to get supplies directly to the victims in Puerto Rico. We also worked locally in Tampa Bay with an outreach team who have decades of experience working with FEMA, The National Guard and the Military in getting emergency supplies and donations to areas that have been devastated by natural disasters and all other state of emergency situations. We were able to get these supplies directly to the areas via military aircraft so it does not rot in warehouses and be held up by customs and miles of red tape.

Through this site and online store, we purchased supplies with all of the proceeds from the sales of the items in our online store and some from our own pockets. And we have also set up supply/donation drop off locations in the Tampa Bay area.

The Evolution of FUERZA

Today we represent the heart of a people. Through apparel, media and community. We collaborate with latino artists worldwide that seek to let their vision, expression and voices be heard. We will forever shine the light on the island and all latino countries.


FUERZA™ is a fashion label rooted in current culture with a distinct message of empowerment. With a specific opinion that seeks to educate and inform. We are a brand that is all about our people and the preservation of our culture. A streetwear culture with a latino perspective. Founded by a Brooklyn boy who is part Boricua and French. Moving his small family to Puerto Rico in mid-2018 to take part in the rebuilding of the island in any way possible. The first project is to start a farm and food hub to help promote local farmers and agriculture. With most food being imported, there must be a change that starts from within.

Updates coming soon.