Contact your state senators and congress! See how below…. (script and letter can be used)

The island of Puerto Rico is face to face with a humanitarian crisis. With the entire island without power, many vulnerable communities are in distress. Hospitals are closing, the sick can’t get care and don’t have access to treatment and medication. We have heard stories of mothers not able to give their babies milk and having to just boil water (if they can find it) to give them. The stakes in Puerto Rico couldn’t be higher. Yes, the Jones Act has been (temporarily) lifted but we need the manpower to help distribute the aid given to our island and we need it NOW. In the midst of these unprecedented dangers, I am asking all my fellow Puerto Ricans/allies to write, email and call your local state senators and governor’s office and demand help. It is time to support Puerto Rico.

Please feel free to use our provided script and information to contact members of the federal government.

Find your state senator’s email, address and phone number here:…/contact_informat…/senators_cfm.cfm…

Also, call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 to get in touch with your Congressional Representative.

Good afternoon Senator,
We as a community are concerned about the situation in Puerto Rico and how, when and where all donations are being distributed.
The news media has announced that there is no plan in action to distribute water and food, specially to the people that are in dire need. Towns in the center, south and west of the island still without communication.
Puerto Rico needs more assistance from the US military to be able to reach those areas. The island needs the manpower to help distribute the aid.
Please, help the people in Puerto Rico.

(Your Name)