The Cause for Puerto Rico was to create a streamlined process to make it easier for those outside of Puerto Rico to get supplies directly to the victims in Puerto Rico. We are also working locally in Tampa Bay with an outreach team who have decades of experience working with FEMA, The National Guard and the Military in getting emergency supplies and donations to areas that have been devastated by natural disasters and all other state of emergency situations. We are able to get these supplies directly to the areas via military aircraft so it does not rot in warehouses and be held up by customs and miles of red tape.

Through this site and online store, we are purchasing supplies with all of the proceeds from the sales of the items in our online store. And we have also set up supply/donation drop off locations in the Tampa Bay area. If you are not in the Tampa Bay area and want to help, you may purchase items in our store on this site and the proceeds will be used to purchase the donation items listed below.

Drop Off Locations and Donation Supply List for Tampa Bay

Public and business donation drop off locations will be listed here as we get them.

Hillsborough County
1. Tampa Bay Realty and Investment Group at 5301 N Habana Ave, Suite 1, Tampa, Fl 33614

Hernando County
1. Mountaineer Coffee 26 S. Broad Street, Brooksville 34601
2. Office Depot 13173 Cortez Blvd, Brooksville, FL
3. Copacabana Restaurant 4193 Mariner Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34609
4. Fantastic Sam’s 4211 Mariner Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34609
5. Pak Mail 4377 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, FL 34606

Pinellas County
1. Trim Metabolix Wellness Center 26212 Us Hwy 19 North, Clearwater Fl, 33761
2. La Isla Restaurant 9150 49th St N, Pinellas Park, FL 33782

100% Of All Proceeds Goes Towards The Following

Donations Needed

Baby Formula! – ask your Pediatrician
FOOD !! (please , please , please.. I know your trying to clean out your cabinets, but DO not send expired food…IT WILL NOT BE SENT!
Separated Clothing (men’s all, women small / med large/ xl /and up separate /kids/ toddlers, all baby.
Canned goods
Over the counter stomach medicines, Tums, Pepto
Children’s tylenol
Bandaids, neosporin, peroxide, first aid ointment
Baby wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Protein Bars
Non Perishable Meats (spam, Chicken, Pepperoni)
Bug Spray
Sun tan lotion
Dental items
Personals for females
Shave items
Pillow cases
Mosquito Nets
plastic ware
zip loc bags
salt, pepper, sugar, packets
cleaning supplies
gloves (playtex, and work)
Towels, wash cloths
Socks (clean), no holes and in sets.
No underwear unless NEW!
cold packs, (smash and grabs)
ACE bandages.
paper products
plastic bins
Building items
Nails/screws /Screwdrivers/Hammers
Hand saws, adj wrenches, drill bit kits, Duct tape, Electrical Tape
buckets, mops
NO STUFFED ANIMALS>. .. toys if any must be small (1) piece and clean!..
You get the idea
We do not have weight restrictions!